SAT, APRIL 6, 10am – 1pm, FOREST ROW
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Citrus fruits are part of our everyday food. But did you know they have amazing medicinal and healing qualities as well? Citruses are associated with creativity, positivity and vitality, and are known in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and depression. Bergamot particularly, is known as the oil that lifts depressed moods. She is like the sunshine, and reminds us of our self worth. Come and explore the citrus fruits of lemon, orange and bergamot and learn how to make an uplifting aromatherapy spray with their healing essences!

In this workshop we will learn more about the interconnected relationship between people and plants. We will discover the plants, foods and medicines of the citrus family with all our senses. There will be citrus fruits, marmalade, lemonade and bergamot tea for tasting!

In part two of the workshop we will discover the deeper essence and meaning of lemon, orange and bergamot. We will learn about the medicinal qualities of their essential oils, and understand their vibrational messages more deeply. Together we will make an aromatherapy spray using high quality organic essential oils from Oshadhi.

The basis for the aromatherapy spray will be uplifting bergamot, which we will blend with oils such as abundant orange, energising lemon, soothing lavender, or grounding patchouli. This aromatherapy spray will immediately transform and uplift the energies in your space.

All materials are included in the workshop fee, you will take home an aromatherapy room spray (retail price of £10) and the skills to make your own!

•Saturday, 6th of April, from 10am – 1pm
•Venue on the Green, Forest Row, Sussex
•Standard ticket £45 – Low income ticket £35 (incl. aromatherapy spray)

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